7 Reasons Why Studying Abroad in Australia is the Best Decision You'll Ever Make

7 Reasons Why Studying Abroad in Australia is the Best Decision You'll Ever Make | Eduversal Global
March 06, 2023

Have you considered studying abroad but need help deciding where to go? Look nowhere else! Australia has become a popular choice for overseas students thanks to its excellent educational system, varied culture, and breathtaking scenery. We'll look at seven reasons why studying in Australia is the finest choice you'll ever make in this blog article. We'll discuss everything, from the excellent educational system to the reasonably priced student visa expenses. So, if you're considering studying in Canada, or the US, keep reading to see why Australia should be your top pick.

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Top Colleges and Universities in Australia

Australia's higher education system is well-known, and several of its universities consistently place highly in global rankings. Following are a few of the colleges and Universities in Australia that have become a top choice of many international students:

  1. The University of Melbourne: According to the Times Higher Education Global University Rankings 2022, the University of Melbourne is the best public research institution in Australia. 
  2. The Australian National University: The Australian National University is a public research institution in Canberra, Australia's capital city. The Times Higher Education Global University Rankings for 2022 place it as Australia's second-best university. 
  3. The University of Sydney: The US is a public research institution in Sydney, Australia. The Times Higher Education Global University Rankings for 2022 place it as Australia's third-best institution. 
  4. The University of Queensland: Located in Brisbane, the University of Queensland is a public research institution. The Times Higher Education Global University Rankings for 2022 place it as Australia's fourth-best institution. 
  5. Monash University: Located in Melbourne, Monash University is a public research institution. The Times Higher Education Global University Rankings for 2022 place it as Australia's fifth-best institution. 

What is the Australia Student Visa Fee?

According to the type of visa and how long your course will last, your Australia student visa fees will cost a certain amount of money. The following fee is applied to some of the most popular student visa categories as of the deadline in September 2021:

  • For a Subclass 500 (Student Visa), the primary applicant must pay AUD 620.
  • For Subclass 590 (Student Guardian Visa), the primary applicant must pay AUD 620.

The visa application procedure may also involve fees for health exams, police clearances, and English language assessments. These expenses will change based on your unique situation.

Requirements for Obtaining a Student Visa to Study in Australia

You must fulfil several conditions to be granted a student visa to Australia. These are the prerequisites in general:

  • Enrolment in a full-time programme: You must have been approved and accepted into a programme of study at an Australian educational institution that is registered.
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE): You must show that you intend to depart Australia after your course is over and that you genuinely desire to stay in Australia temporarily to study.
  • Financial requirements: You must have the money necessary to pay for your tuition, living costs, and travel expenses for your whole time in Australia. The amount of money needed may change based on your course and living situation.
  • English language proficiency: To enrol in a course, you must be able to show that you have the necessary English language skills by passing an approved English language exam like the IELTS Preparation, TOEFL Preparation, or PTE Academic with the required minimum score.
  • Health and character criteria: You must fulfil several health and character requirements, which include submitting a health examination certificate and police clearance certificates from each nation you have been in for at least a year.
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC): You must have appropriate health insurance for your stay in Australia.
  • Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE): You must possess a valid CoE provided by your educational institution and verify your enrolment in a registered course of study.

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7 Benefits That You Should Know About Australia

High-Quality Education

Australia is renowned for having a top-notch educational system that heavily focuses on practical knowledge and real-world experience. Several colleges in the nation are ranked among the top 100 in the world, giving the nation a stellar reputation for academic prowess. With a concentration on engineering, technology, and business, Australian universities provide a wide choice of courses and programmes. 

Multicultural Society

Australia is a multicultural country with residents and students from all over the world. This variety offers international students a rich cultural experience through which they may learn about other cultures, traditions, and viewpoints. To make Australian international students feel at home in Australia, several institutions offer support services. This demonstrates the nation's strong commitment to encouraging cultural diversity and inclusiveness. 

Friendly People

Aussies are renowned for being hospitable and kind. Because of this, it is simple for Australian international students to meet people and feel at home in a foreign nation. The work-life balance is highly valued in Australian culture, which is recognised for being easy-going and relaxed. This can assist students in managing the pressure of learning in a new setting and help them improve their social skills and form new relationships.

Secure and Stable Nation

Australia is a safe and stable nation with a low crime rate and a high level of life. The government offers a variety of aid programmes to international students, such as health insurance, housing help, and visa support. Students who experience this throughout their time in Australia may feel safer and more supported. 

Work Opportunities

Australia International students can find many job chances in Australia because of its robust economy and low unemployment rate. Many colleges offer work-study programs, which let students work part-time while studying abroad in Australia. Students who do this can sustain themselves financially, acquire valuable job experience, and advance their English-language abilities. 

Vibrant Cities

Australia is a residence of some of the world's liveliest and most dynamic cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. These cities provide various cultural, social, and recreational activities, including exhibitions, concerts, festivals, and sporting events. Students studying abroad in Australia may have the chance to experience different cultures, make new friends, and forge new relationships. 

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We hope this blog article has persuaded you that Australia is an excellent option if you're considering studying abroad. Australia's rich culture, gorgeous landscapes, and top-notch educational system make it a desirable place to study. So why not take the plunge and investigate the numerous options that Australia has to offer? And don't stress about the specifics; you can locate a tonne of tools to assist you in navigating the procedure, from selecting the ideal college to requesting your student visa. Considering this, think seriously about studying abroad in Australia before studying in the UK or anywhere else. And to secure a successful application, start studying for your IELTS exam as soon as possible.

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