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Get the right advice from experts to select the best institution for higher education abroad.

Scholarships and Funding Assistance

Consult EduVersal specialists to learn more about the latest scholarships to help you fund your studies overseas.

VISA and IELTS Guidance

We can guide you through the entire process of VISA application and IELTS preparation via individualised sessions.

About EduVersal Global

EduVersal Global offers personalised solutions for students aspiring to study abroad in the most popular destinations - Australia, UK, Canada, USA, and more. With a team of specialists in the International Education space, we can answer all your questions with regards to overseas education. Now connect with the world’s finest study abroad counsellors and join the biggest online study overseas community today.

  • Selecting the right university and program

  • Pre-application formalities

  • Admission documents guidance

  • Scholarships and financial aid

  • VISA counselling

  • IELTS preparation support

Popular Disciplines Among Students


Electrical and Electronics, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering

Medical Science

Pharmacy, microbiology, medical lab technology, and biotechnology

Business and Management

Business Administration, Digital marketing, International business, Foreign trade, Entrepreneurship

Computer Science and IT

Information systems, software engineering and design, programming languages, artificial intelligence


Human rights, cyber law, business law, taxation law, corporate law and management

Arts and Humanities

Journalism, Mass communication, English, Geography, History, Sociology, Political Science

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Student's Experience with Eduversal


It typically depends on your choice of study destination and university. It also varies according to the nature of your selected course, the length of your stay, and the kind of lifestyle you want when you get there. Make sure to keep some amount of funds reserved in your bank account before leaving for your chosen study destination. Always keep a check on the immigration websites or speak with an expert for the latest information.

Eduversal Global offers student support services that extend beyond general the advisory on admission and application processes. In our personalised sessions, we help you gain a broader understanding of the pre-admission procedures, managing expenses, choosing the right accommodation, and health insurance-related inquiries.

The entire process of selecting the right course, study destination and admission formalities is complicated and you may need to take advice from international education experts. They are certified student counsellors and will guide you from the start to the end. Hiring a trusted and knowledgeable advisor, such as EduVersal, to make your study abroad experience hassle-free.

There are a number of supporting documents you need to submit as part of your study abroad application. Once again, these requirements will depend on your chosen country and university. However, most international students are often asked to submit the following documents:
  • Passport and recent photos for identification

  • CV/resume

  • Personal statement

  • Academic references/ recommendation letters

  • Certificate and transcripts of your secondary education

  • A proof of valid English-language proficiency such as IELTS or other language test

  • Admissions test results (e.g. GMAT/GRE results, for graduate programs)

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