Duolingo Exam Success Stories: Insights from Those Who Cleared It

Duolingo Exam Success Stories: Insights from Those Who Cleared It | Eduversal Global
May 19, 2023

The Duolingo exam is an effective tool for assessing an applicant's readiness to relocate to and remain in an English-speaking nation. It measures the student's four core language skills—reading, writing, speaking, and listening—just like any other language competence examination. Duolingo is a computer-based online test you can take from anywhere in the world, anytime. Because this exam is computer-adaptive, the difficulty level rises with each accurate response you provide. If your response has to be amended, the following question will be relatively more specific. Learn more about this test, the Duolingo test pattern, and study techniques, including success stories from successful candidates.

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Advantages of the Duolingo Exam

Several factors make Duolingo better than other exams, including the IELTS and TOEFL. Several universities accept Duolingo English test scores for international student admissions, which are increasingly preferred by those looking to study abroad over IELTS and TOEFL. Let’s explore the Duolingo exam in this post by looking at the Duolingo English exam characteristics and advantages.

Here are some of the best points validating that why the Duolingo exam is the ideal choice for evaluating the English Language Proficiency of students:

Fair registration policies

If you have finally decided to go ahead with the Duolingo preparation, let’s tell you that the registration policy for the Duolingo online exam is simple and quick. The Duolingo exam has no defined test dates. You must adhere to the prerequisites and guidelines before anything else while attempting the test online.

Eligibility requirements of the Duolingo exam

Specific requirements must be followed before signing up for and taking the test. Taking the Duolingo English test also serves the purpose of submitting an application for admission. Before taking the exam, test-takers must confirm that it is acceptable at the desired institution abroad.

Anyone may take the Duolingo English exam. The Duolingo councils have set no minimum age. You must have a parent or guardian agreement to take the exam if you are under the age of 13 or the age at which your country needs parental consent. If you don't speak English as your first language, taking the Duolingo online exam is also optional. Before taking the test, the candidate must register and make payment.

Scoring standards

A rigorous Duolingo preparation with the right strategy can help you attain the desired scores. Also, the test has a distinct and reliable scoring system. In order to verify real-world language competency, this exam evaluates reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities. After the exam, you will receive a score ranging from 10 to 160. This score is a cumulative total, not a point for every segment. Top programmes often require a score of at least 120; equivalent to a Band 7, that you get after a sincere approach in the IELTS preparation as well.

More significant number of institutions are accepting the Duolingo exam score

Given the Covid-19 issue, one of the key advantages of taking the Duolingo online exam is that hundreds of prestigious U.S. universities now recognise Duolingo test results. Students now don’t need to take the IELTS or TOEFL further tests since the results of this exam will be sufficient. All those who desire to study in the UK, Canada, Australia or other major regions can fulfil their dreams through Duolingo exam preparation.

Still confused if you should go ahead with the PTE exam preparation or Duolingo exam preparation? Here are some success stories from the candidates who have qualified for the Duolingo exam and have secured their dreams of studying in Canada, the US, Australia, and the UK.

Duolingo Exam Success Stories of Candidates

As an education consultancy, Eduversal Global has assisted students worldwide in accomplishing their dreams of studying abroad. A number of students approach us to get assistance with their Duolingo preparation, SAT exam preparation, or preparing for other significant exams to study or work abroad. Having assisted many to get their visa, qualify for intricate exams and even get financial assistance, we have collected our clients' experiences who are happy to choose Duolingo preparation to fulfill their dreams of studying in Australia, the UK, the USA or other nations abroad.

Success Stories

“I started researching various exams that help you get admission abroad. My ultimate objective was to get into the Havard business school. The process was challenging. I wasn’t very confident about my proficiency in English. One of my friends asked me to attempt the Duolingo exam. But, I needed some guidance from an expert to ensure my success. Then, I came across Eduversal Global, which helped me better understand all the tits and bits of the Duolingo online exam. With their assistance and the fair test policy of the Duolingo exam, I successfully cleared the exam and achieved my career goals”.

Sameer Reddy, Noida


“The United States was one of the places I always wanted to pursue my degree from. There, I saw one University with a Duolingo English test. The Duolingo English proficiency seemed affordable and accessible. I just needed a laptop, a quiet environment, and an internet connection for the test. Although I was confident with my Duolingo preparation, I needed help to meet my finances. This is where Eduversal Global helped me. They took a sincere approach to help me get an education loan. I am thankful to the team of Eduversal Global for their immense support and assistance. The Duolingo online test was easier and quicker than other tests. I recommend others to take the test as well”.

 Adil Mehta, Gurugram

“I have always wanted to study in the UK to get a degree in liberal arts. Having the possibility of studying several things simultaneously, I knew that I had to take an English test. I initially thought of taking the TOEFL or the IELTS. But when I learned about the Duolingo exam, I was pleased because I could fit it into my schedule the way I wanted. I was determined to attempt the test. I am now happy to have found a place where all these things come together, like liberal arts, a small place where I can study everything I am interested in. Thanks to the simplicity of the Duolingo exam and the assistance of Eduversal Global, I have attained my goals in life”.

Urfi Khan, Delhi


Do you want to achieve your dreams? Approach the experts of Eduversal Global now and let us assist you with all the necessities of qualifying for the Duolingo exam or any other test. We can also help you with visas and passports, get scholarships, prepare you with our tailored strategies, and ensure your success in all possible ways. Experience the best assistance from our experienced international education experts and study abroad counselors .

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