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A Brief Guide to Excel in the GRE Test

Colleges and institutions worldwide utilise the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) to assist in the admissions process. Passing this test is a requirement for admission to many colleges. Thus, students willing to study in Australia, the UK, Canada or other countries prepare for this exam.

In other words, this exam is meant to assess a student's readiness to complete a business course. Your chances of getting into the business school of your choice are higher the better your score. You must thus do your best on this exam by studying diligently.

What is GRE?

A standardised test that evaluates a test-reasoning taker's analytical abilities in reading, writing, and mathematics is called the Graduate Record Examination, or GRE. The exam does not specify a particular subject or call for in-depth knowledge of a specific college course. The exam gives colleges a general idea of how prepared a student is to engage in the demanding problem-solving and critical thinking necessary in graduate school. 

Except for law and medical schools, most graduate programmes need the GRE for entrance. The results are evaluated in light of the applicant's overall graduate school application, which also considers their college GPA, teacher references, and employment experience. A student's likelihood of admission into graduate school, which in turn has a long-lasting effect on their career progression, improves when they perform well on the GRE. Thus, if you have decided to study in the UK, Australia, Canada etc., you need extensive preparation to crack the exam.

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Why Choose GRE?

There are several reasons why you should choose the GRE. Let’s look in detail below - 

  • Need to be admitted to esteemed graduate programmes - The most obvious justification for taking this test is that it is required to enter a selective graduate programme. Students willing to study in Canada, Australia, UK or any other country in a graduate school for a master's degree or a PhD within the next five years should consider taking the GRE early. 
  • To improve your application - The GRE may also be used as a reliable predictor of your academic strength in verbal and mathematical skills. The score will be helpful when attempting to make up for a profile flaw. This may include anything from unimpressive reference letters to a subpar undergraduate GPA. GRE results are a terrific approach to show admissions committees that you have special skills to contribute and that you will fit in well with the student body. 
  • Allows for flexibility - The GRE is more crucial since, unlike the GMAT exam, it does not restrict your alternatives. You are free to pursue an MBA or any specialised master's degree. It allows you to switch to a different course without taking an additional competitive test. 
  • Cheaper than GMAT - Since earning a master's degree is quite expensive, it makes sense that students want to save every penny they can. If the university of your choice accepts both GRE and GMAT scores, going with the less expensive option is a no-brainer.

GRE Registration

After knowing what the GRE is, one must comprehend the enrollment procedure. It's easy to sign up for this test; the first step is to create an online account on the GRE registration portal. After that, you may confirm your personal information and select the exam day and place. The last step is to make a payment of $213 to confirm your registration. Candidates can also register by phone, mail, fax, or online for the GRE General Test. Online or postal registration is possible for the GRE Subjective test.

Types of GRE Tests

The GRE topic exam and the GRE general test are two GRE test categories. The kind of GRE exams you must take often vary depending on the university or scholarship sponsor. The subject test only covers one subject and evaluates your skills and knowledge. Your general aptitude will be tested, and the general exam will assess your student profile.

types of gre test

GRE Highlights















GRE Exam Fees

Students from India who enrol for the GRE must pay US $213. Candidates should know that the GRE registration price, GRE application fee, and GRE General Test fee are all equivalent to US $213. The cost of the GRE exam in India is around INR 17,396.70 (US $1 = INR 81.67). Candidates who choose to take the GRE Subject test must pay a $150 US GRE Subject Fee. 

The GRE exam pattern consists of three sections—Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning—which comprise the GRE exam format. While the Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and unscored portions can occur in any sequence, the analytical writing section will always come first. The format of paper-based and online tests varies in addition to the time constraints. The official website for the GRE Exam is where applicants who wish to take the test on paper may do so.

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The following is the basic GRE pattern of the GRE paper.

  • GRE analytical writing section - The portion on analytical writing assesses the candidate's capacity to comprehend and assess complicated materials. Candidates must examine a topic and an argument in two independent, timed assignments during the analytical writing part, with 30 minutes allocated for each activity. 
  • Verbal reasoning - The GRE verbal reasoning test measures a candidate's comprehension of the provided content and capacity to analyse and recognise other viewpoints. The GRE Verbal Reasoning test is split into two portions with 20 questions each, and each section has a thirty-minute time restriction. This section has idiom, sentence equivalence, text completion, and parallelism problems. 
  • Quantitative reasoning - This phase is broken up into two parts and has a time restriction of 35 minutes that assesses the candidate's understanding of quantitative data analysis. Candidates must use mathematical principles to answer challenging questions in the quantitative reasoning segment of the GRE. The on-screen calculators in computer-based exams allow candidates to rapidly and easily solve numerical questions. The applicant who wishes to perform well must train extensively for the GRE quantitative reasoning test.

GRE Score

“What is an ideal GRE score?” is a fairly common question that arises in every candidate's mind. Three results are published for the GRE General Test:

  • Quantitative reasoning scores range from 130 to 170 and are provided in 1-point increments.
  • Verbal reasoning scores range from 130 to 170 and are provided in 1-point increments.
  • The Analytical Writing Scores are rated on a scale of 0 to 6, with half-point increments in between.

Their Quantitative and Verbal reasoning scores consider the overall number of correct answers provided and the degree of difficulty of each section.

The results of each essay question are utilised to calculate the analytical writing measure's score (2 essay questions in total). To evaluate your analytical writing section, ETS created a computational programme and a professional reader that can identify essay features connected to writing proficiency.

GRE Scaled Score Percentiles for General Test




165 - 170

96 - 99

86 - 96

160 - 165

86 - 96

73 - 86

155 - 160

68 - 86

56 - 73

150 - 155

46 - 68

37- 56

145 - 150

26 - 46

19 - 37

140 -145

11 - 26

7 - 19

135 - 140

3 - 11

2 - 7

130 - 135

1 - 3

1 - 2

GRE Score Report

Your GRE score report will be accessible 10 to 15 days following the exam date. You will be notified via email as soon as your scorecard is available, and you can access your report by signing into your ETS account.

The result report contains your:

  • Contact details
  • Birth date
  • Gender
  • Planned graduate study major
  • Exam date
  • Scores on tests and percentile ranking (s)
  • the overall performance statistics over the last five years

GRE Preparation Tips

gre preparation tips

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Eduversal is the leading study abroad consultant that offers specific online test prep options for the GRE entrance exam for international education. Over the past ten years, we have trained more than 150,000 candidates willing to study overseas. We often provide info sessions, webinars, in-centre activities, seminars, and fairs to assist students in their study abroad adventure. We also provide a comprehensive range of value-added services and first-rate admissions counselling.

High GRE test results can be challenging to acquire, even for top students. In order to prepare you for the online GRE test and give you confidence, you will study with our trained teachers who will focus on your particular skills and weaknesses.

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  • Methods for improving reading and writing abilities in preparation for the Verbal Reasoning and Analytical Writing sections of the GRE.

Additionally, students always have a question: "Is there a GRE coaching near me”? Thus, such students can contact Eduversal Global for tutoring services. 

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The GRE General Test accurately represents the type of thinking required in today's rigorous graduate schools, including business and law. It assesses your verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing skills—abilities that have been developed through time, are applicable to various disciplines of study, and are not specifically related to anybody. Go through the GRE syllabus to get a deeper understanding of the exam..

  • The ETS no longer maintains any qualifying requirements for GRE applications. The GRE Exam has no particular requirements for eligibility. There is no set age restriction or prerequisite for the GRE 2021, and anybody can register for it.
  • The cases covered in this article, nonetheless, are significant. Therefore, following the guidelines provided on the ETS website is necessary.
  • Additionally, one must conduct in-depth research on the target institutions or universities to understand each one's specific requirements for admission to its master's or doctoral programmes.

Students from India who enrol for the GRE must pay US $213. Candidates should know that the GRE registration price, application fees, and GRE General Test fee are equivalent to US $213. The approximate cost of the GRE exam in India is INR 17,679.70..

Yes, GRE is not something that you can prepare in a day. You must study the fundamental concepts of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Psychology and practise a lot of analytical reasoning questions so that you can not only solve them but also do them promptly. Thus, if you want to study abroad, Eduversal ensures through its rigorous preparation modules that you have a clear understanding of the subject matter with the help of mock and practice tests. To know about the GRE syllabus, our experts can guide you through it..

  • In order to get the required score, a person may take the GRE as often as they feel necessary. Despite the lack of a cap on the overall number of attempts, the exam can only be taken five times a year, and each try must be spaced out by 21 days.
  • 6. How long should you study for the GRE?
  • It will take one month and six months to thoroughly prepare for the GRE. This period depends on several factors, including how much time you will devote to studying each day and how much time you have left before the test.
  • On average, most people invest at least two hours each day in testing preparation, including various exam-related activities. You may spend an hour practising for the GRE and an additional hour studying a GRE prep book.

The GRE Subject Tests are academic assessments that gauge your degree of expertise in a specific area of study. They are designed for students who have a strong foundation in one of the following fields from their undergraduate studies:

  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Psychology

Admissions or fellowship committees may utilise your GRE Subject Test results in addition to your undergraduate transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other requirements for graduate-level studies..

The analytical writing score range is 0-6, with half-point increments, whereas the verbal and quantitative portions of the GRE are graded from 130 to 170 on a one-point scale.

The average GRE score throughout the nation is currently 307.63, according to the 2022 ETS General Test Interpretive Data Report.












Let's examine each GRE exam section - 

  • Analytical writing section (one hour) - If you write quickly, you could finish the GRE Analytical Writing section in less time than the allocated 60 minutes. Although I predict that 99% of test takers will use the whole time for the essays. There are always methods to shorten the time it takes to write an essay. However, an hour is a long time, so be sure to write two complete essays and take a practice exam at home. Don't show up to the test without writing an issue and argument essay together under timed constraints.
  • Verbal reasoning section - The GRE Verbal test has two portions, each with 20 questions and a time limit of 30 minutes. Unless the experimental portion is a verbal component, the verbal sections do not follow one another. I combine the two speaking pieces to show the entire duration. Many pupils have trouble keeping up when they are reading comprehension. Delicate passages can make the spoken parts alone seem to stretch for four hours, even when the time limit is imposed.
  • Quantitative reasoning - There are seven GRE Quant sections, each lasting 35 minutes. Of course, learning that you have those valuable extra five minutes will make you pleased. Here are some pointers for speeding through GRE maths. But remember that precision should always be your top priority, especially if there is still time. Unlike in a marathon, you don't earn bragging rights for completing sooner.
  • Experimental section - You may have observed that the verbal component of the GRE lasts five minutes less than each maths segment. Therefore, plan on spending an additional five minutes in the testing facility if you receive a Quant section for an experimental portion. You may take less time if you are strong at maths. The experimental portion may occasionally be left unidentified, or the exam may inform you that it is an identified research section. Even if one of the portions is not scored, act as though it were. Always err on the side of caution.