Privacy Policy

Table of contents :

  1. Why do we gather user-specific data
  2. What details do we collect, and how do we use them
  3. Information Exchange
  4. The amount of time we retain user data.
  5. Grievances
  6. Disclaimer
  7. Data Deletion
  8. Grievance Redressal

1. Why do we collect user-specific data?

Your personal data is gathered by us so that we can recognise you, serve you better, and provide you the best study abroad related services and website experience possible. The information we gather enables us to provide you with better user-experience, easy access to our services and product offerings and may allow us to customise your professional usage.

2. What details do we collect, and how do we use them?

To deliver services that are useful, we gather data. When you register to access specific services on our website, we send requests to seek for our user’s details such as their name, and email address, as well as some other important details. We could also ask you about this data at other times, as when you participate in competitions or other promotions that we or our partners are sponsoring. If you use any function that has a cost associated with it, we may ask for the details of may be your payment account or your credit cards.

Using any of our services, whether premium or not, might result in keeping a record of the websites that you've visited and the data you've accessed by us and store it on our servers. We keep track of the tasks you have accomplished and the ones you still need to see because of this.


To precisely identify one's browser, we send cookies to our visitors or users' systems—that are in the form of a series of characters in small files. These cookies are utilised to keep details about the choices, and run rate of login times, as well as analyse usage patterns. All this data is utilised to improve our usefulness, such as by adding more essential materials in the topics, more prevalent among the customers.

The default setting for most browsers is to allow cookies, but you can change this setting to have your browser reject all cookies or warn you when one is being sent. If you disable cookies, some of our features and services might not work correctly.

Log Information:

Information sent by your browser each time you visit a website is automatically recorded by our servers at the times the users come to our page. What all things these server logs include are- one's online request, adding its date and time, which browser type one is using, including its language, customer's IP address.

User Conversations:

If you contact us by email or in another way, we may keep a copy of your responses in order to handle your questions, look after your concerns, and also increase the usefulness of the services we provide.


We may provide links in a way that makes it easier to scrutinise if users have been following it or not. These details are utilised by us to improve our specialised content as well as improve the website user experience. Links may direct you to websites outside of our domain. We are liable for our website and any change made in it. The privacy policies of other websites are not our responsibility. We advise our visitors to go through these policies of the pages that gather one's personal identifiable details after they exit our website. Privacy Policy only involves the data collected by our website.


You can be contacted by us via a phone call, or through whatsapp or even email to update you about the new offers and other service benefits, which might be of your interest value.

Public Forums:

At times, you utilise specific benefits or services of our website, which might include the conversation forums, or give your details, including the files, or messages, or comments, as well as the images, and it can be available in the public domain and accessible to all users. You do it at your own risk when providing any information like this. Please be careful while sharing your personal details on our forums or even on your profile as they may be visible to the public.

Data Security:

Your credit card details are sent to the bank by us for processing if you use any of our services that costs money. We may verify the order details with you and our bank to address any payment issues if they arise. We don't share your credit card information in any other way. Your email address and other personal details are not disclosed to outside marketers or any third party by us.

On our order form, we provide safe pages for the collection of sensitive data like credit card numbers. Despite the fact that no computer system is 100% safe, we think the security precautions taken by our payment associates have reduced the case of protection concerns to a stage right for the type of detail

Our website takes suitable technical, organisational, as well as physical, safety precautions to safeguard the data you submit or share with us. For the purpose of preventing unauthorised access to your data, we also have extensive internal policies in place. We take the necessary measures to guarantee the privacy and security of your information by requiring that third parties with whom we exchange data adhere to an acceptable degree of security policies and processes.

However, unless it is a direct and predictable result of carelessness and/or noncompliance on our side exclusively, we do not take any responsibility for any of your safety concerns, or loss, or illegal accessibility, or may be any injury caused to you by misusing any of your information or details. You agree that we are not liable for any actions taken by third parties or on your part that result in loss, injury, or damage to you or another person.

The Company is not responsible for any losses you may sustain as a result of third parties gaining access to your electronic devices without your permission.

 3. Information Exchange

Except in the restricted instances listed below, we only provide personal information to entities outside of Eduversal Global with respect to the credit card data specified above:

    1. Comply with any relevant law, rule, court order, or other enforceable governmental requirement
    2. Execute any applicable Terms of Use, which might include examining the possible violations. Eduversal Global or Eduversal, its users, or the general public from any damage as necessary or certified by law
    1. Specific personal, or non-personal data, including the users' numbers who have taken the subscription to any particular product or the users' numbers who have registered on our website, may be communicated with third parties, not specifically identifiable.
    1. You allow us to send you email, sms and contact you via phone calls by either registering to our website, or may be registering to our website, and inform you of promotions running on the website and promotions from third parties, for which purposes we may collect personally identifiable information. You also authorise us to contact you from Eduversal Global for the aforementioned purposes up to 365 days after your registration with us, even if you have already registered yourself with DND, DNC, or NCPR service.
    1. To meet the goals, needs, and services options of the client as and when the consumer chooses.

4. The amount of time we retain user data

To help us in providing you the benefits we deliver, we may disclose info to assistance providers. However, when we work with third parties to use your personal details, we put in position proper legal and specialised precautions that determine the reasons for using the details.

5. Grievances

In case you have any issue with respect to how we are using your personal details, or regarding any other privacy concerns, you can easily reach out to us by writing an email.

Reach out to us

In case you face any trouble regarding the privacy statements, you can contact us by writing to our email address.

6. Disclaimer

Only broad informational purposes are served by the information on this website. Eduversal Global is the provider of this information; while we make efforts to keep the information up to date and accurate, we make no guarantees, guarantees, or assurances as to the accuracy, availability, usefulness, reliability or timeliness of the details, products, assistance, or other such graphics that might be available on the website for any plan or intention. The users solely assume all risk if you rely on this material in any way.

We will never be held responsible for any harm or damage, that might include a consequential or indirect one resulting from misplaced information that result from using our website.

We take every measure to look after our website's performance as well as availability. Eduversal Global disclaims all liability and responsibility for any temporary website inaccessibility brought on by technical problems that are not in our authority..

7. Data Deletion

Our users can email us requesting that we delete your personal data. You can share your concern by writing an email to us using its subject "Data Deletion Your Email ID>" to have your data removed from our systems.

8. Grievance Redressal

A Grievance Officer is assigned to look after your objections concerning the utilisation of the users' details. Write an email to us, in case of any query. In case you face any trouble regarding how we are using the details, reach out to us at our email address, phone number or office address.

Within just 24 hours of duration, our Grievance Officer will look after your email and take suitable action.

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